Such findings are mentioned in the report , but are not highlighted sufficiently. The Review finds that the SP framework is valuable for designing and implementing development projects in the private sector and appears to suggest that no substantial departure from a policy-based approach is warranted. The Review should go further in explicitly endorsing the SP framework approach, assuming that this was warranted by its findings. These recommendations are very relevant to the GCF, which also channels a substantial proportion of its funding through financial intermediaries. These sub-projects are not, as yet, disclosed on the GCF website and are not required to be individually approved by the GCF Board, but are rather identified subsequently according to a broad set of eligibility criteria.

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  • All of these elements contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of progress.
  • Other cases are closed when IFC’s investment in the client ends, regardless of whether the harm to communities has been addressed .

This report provides insights on the commitment to the strategy’s objectives, support for country-driven approaches, coordination of gender expertise, and measurement of progress (see box 1.2 discussion of staff designated to support the gender strategy). It reflects on what is working well and what is working less well to support continuous monitoring and learning in the World Bank and IFC in relation Forex platform to the implementation of the strategy. This includes for the Green Climate Fund and the Independent Redress Mechanism , particularly due to the similarities in the funding models, including the use of financial intermediaries, and E&S policies and standards of the GCF and IFC. In 2017, the International Finance Corporation faced the first big investment decision in its new Scaling Solar project.

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In accordance with the initial terms of reference provided by the IFC and World Bank gender groups, two streams of the Mid-Term Review were conducted, one by IEG and the other by Group Internal Audit . IEG worked from the material provided by the gender groups to develop this review. GIA provided an advisory report focused ifc review on review of the internal processes, implementation practices, and accountability structures, which this report has drawn on for evidentiary support. Throughout the process, GIA and IEG worked collaboratively, undertaking joint interviews where possible and sharing ongoing analysis in producing their respective reports.

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The logic of the review is based on the theory of action (figure 1.1). Chapter 2 discusses the commitment to achievement of the strategy’s objectives. Chapter 3 describes the country-driven approach and the opportunity to generate further synergies among projects. Chapter 4 describes the coordination of staff designated to support work on gender and support the use of evidence. Chapter 5 outlines how strong emphasis on commitments and project design overshadows efforts for monitoring and evaluation of implementation.

The purpose of the Independent Evaluation Group review is to provide evidence and reveal opportunities for strengthening implementation in the final four years of the strategy. Box 1.1 presents the questions the review set out to answer, and box 1.2 clarifies terminology the report uses to discuss staff designated to support work on gender. Successful implementation of the Investment World Bank Group Gender Strategy (fiscal year 16–23) and the ongoing effort to close gender gaps will contribute to the achievement of the twin goals and the Sustainable Development Goals. Progress on the objectives of the gender strategy will especially contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 5, which seeks to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

IFC Media delivers an integrated knowledge base for the world’s leading IFCs and their wealth management professionals. The Board is publishing the External Review Report and therefore invites interested parties to submit their comments and observations about this report by September 12. The information collected during this public comment period will inform the Board’s deliberations. Comments can be provided on the following Comments page and will be treated as confidential. By accepting to provide comments, parties acknowledge and accept the foregoing.

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Tata Mundra’s problems occurred at a time when IFC already had accountability mechanisms in place. Its independent accountability mechanism—the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman—was widely considered to be the gold standard among DFIs, and its environmental and social performance standards served as a model to other institutions. Yet, over a period of almost ten years, IFC failed to respond to the problems raised by the Tata Mundra project.

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This typically occurs when firms manage mutual funds or hedge funds alongside smaller retail accounts. Side-by-side management can create an incentive for the advisor to favor the larger funds, potentially leading to unequal trading costs and unfavorable trade executions for their retail clients. Currently IFC actively practices as insurance brokers or agents, or they are affiliated with an insurance company or agency. This arrangement creates a conflict where the firm and its representatives may be motivated to insure clients with products, including annuities and life insurance, that generate high sales commissions when lower-cost alternatives may exist. Possibility to get involved in high-profile/high-impact projects on a global level; bridge role between public sector and private sector; diversity and multiculturalism highly valued; able to work with inspiring leaders and peers.

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Based on the evidence gathered by the review, the team developed a theory of action that represents the institutional elements and factors that enable the implementation of the strategy. The theory of action highlights that attaining the objectives of the strategy requires a country-driven approach, within which Bank Group country teams work with clients to set priorities and develop portfolios for resolving gender gaps (figure 1.1). A country-driven approach enables synergies and coherence of implementation as well as the development of client awareness and commitment in both the public and private sectors. Key institutional elements that support a country-driven approach are the World Bank and IFC gender groups, staff designated to support work on gender, and the creation and management of knowledge—all reinforced by monitoring and evaluation.

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Releasing the report in a timely manner presents an opportunity to engage with a broad audience including those who will ultimately be the end users of new mechanisms that emerge from the review. This review has been extremely significant for the accountability world in its scope and depth. Here at the IRM we hope that these findings will have positive consequences across IAMs and IFIs, including within our own institution. The IFC and CAO are forerunners in the development finance accountability space, with a wealth of data and experience.

A strong system of accountability, adhered to by all parties, is essential for IFC and MIGA’s success, especially as they come under pressure to do more deals in poorer countries and in fragile states. While neither the impetus for the report nor the credibility of the review team is in question, the legitimacy of the review is at risk should the final report not be disclosed in a timely manner. During the course of the review, the team was able to receive input from a reference group, which included IFC clients and members of civil society . But the review team was not given the budget or mandate to consult with communities impacted by IFC’s projects. The external members of the reference group were also not given the chance to comment on the final report.

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Our publications include the annual IFC Review and IFC Caribbean, and our biannual magazine, The Economic Report, as well as various jurisdiction-specific supplements, distributed throughout the year. Together, our titles are the ultimate resource for wealth managers, tax practitioners and academics working with specialist international financial centres across the globe. Combining highly technical articles, rigorous academic analysis, and opinion from the industry’s most sought-after experts, IFC Media provides vital information on the developments facing IFCs and wealth management professionals. Our unrivalled technical content also allows you to keep up to date with the most sophisticated structuring techniques and the latest legislation in every jurisdiction. As the debate around offshore finance and investment becomes ever more reductive, IFC is your ultimate source for genuine insight and nuanced discussion.

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The formal recruitment process starts out with an expo that allows potential new members to meet representatives from all of our IFC fraternities. The rest of the process is through mutual selection where PNMs will select chapters that they are interested in and chapters will select PNMs that they determine are the best fit. International work being carried out within the ISO/STEP working group, it is possible to obtain results on a national basis, provided there is a large enough consensus within the construction industry on what ought to be done.

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This is a finding that all IFIs and respective IAMs should take note of. Promoting a collaborative relationship which enhances the outcomes of IAM processes, while still maintaining the IAMs independence and objectivity, will facilitate greater access to remedy for affected people. We think this issue should be flagged in the SP Review because it relates closely to the need to enhance supervision of SP implementation.

The process for conducting the SP Review was both thorough and participatory, reflecting the importance of safeguard policies to many different IFC stakeholders. We also believe the CAO’s independence and commitment to project-affected people make this a credible and useful process. We hope that this commitment to transparency and broad participation will continue through the completion of this Review and in the design of the steps IFC takes in implementing the Review’s recommendations. Our three complementary roles work cohesively to facilitate the resolution of complaints, enhance project outcomes, foster accountability and catalyze learning.